The backbone of every marketing agency is its creative output. Here is a sample of ours.
Our clients are curated based on industry and project type. 

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Augmented Reality + E-commerce

Rashelle Stetman is carried in many galleries and boutiques around the country. O&C helped increase her online sales by adding an AR gallery to her website.

  • Average site visit time increased 200%
  • Monthly sales have grown 150% since launch
  • Tech companies have shared her work expanding her reach into a new audience

AR, Motion/Video

Ocean & Cake teamed up with August Allen to provide concept and creative for this Clio-winning augmented reality experience for Wana Brands.

  • Included storyboarding, studio direction, 3D, animation, and special effects
  • Avg engagement time, 1:34
  • 80% of views were driven by sharing

Ecom, AR, & Branding

Ocean & Cake has been with Modern Christmas Trees for 9 years.

  • Each year sales have grown an average of 130%
  • Launched product-based AR in 2022
  • Web traffic has grown an average of 120% per year


Ocean & Cake has been with Truth Treatments (UK, EU, and Singapore) for 4 years.

  • Multi-location inventory tracking and management
  • Multi-site, language, and currency conversion
  • Sales have grown an average of 130% per year

Branding & Motion

Ocean & Cake produced the branding for Austin City Limits Country on the Circle Television Network.

  • Logo & animation
  • Lower 3rd
  • Bumper


Ocean & Cake produced this lyric video for recording artist, Vincint.

  • Has 100,000+ views on social media
  • 12 video clips were delivered for promotion
  • Has been shared 7,000+ times (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc)


  • Training video used for 3,000 employees
  • Voiceover studio work
  • Script development and consultation

Website Design & Build

  • Ultra streamlined scripting (1M+ global hits a day)
  • Time accuracy down to nanosecond
  • ADA color compliance