Integrated creative services
Integrated Services

We don’t want your business. We want your success. That sounds cheesy, but success turns one-off clients into long-term partners and our new business team really enjoys their time off. This is our motivation in providing a holistic approach to each project. We dive deeper than the project itself. Say you’re interested in an Augmented Reality experience. Great! Let’s do that. Let’s also make sure we have a rollout that leverages each asset in additional channels and maximizes your marketing funnel. Here’s how we get that done.

Creative Services & Strategy

Capital isn’t a principal, but all roads point to it. We laser focus on your ROI. We’ve opted for e-commerce as that conversion platform, but understand your needs may be something else. We can bend whichever way.

Ocean & Cake are uniquely positioned with combined expertise in AR, video, and e-commerce. Scratching all three of these creative corners is very rewarding. It’s fun. From strategy building to execution, we genuinely love what we do.

A Closer Look

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is today’s most interactive marketing tool. It encourages user movement which draws users in and creates a strong emotional connection.

Motion & Video

Video is the best way to tell your story. Tell it in a visually captivating way and users have a higher conversion rate. In addition the elements provide content for almost every marketing channel.


From Google listings and SEO, to a streamlined checkout process, e-commerce is ultimate metric for success. Using artificial intelligence with reporting data helps keep your site optimized.

Social (+)

It takes a smart strategy and thorough knowledge to leverage all the channels available to you. Social media, email campaigns, affiliate programs all need to share messaging and drivers.