History of Digital Creative
Since the Dawn Of Time

Well, since the mid 90s, our founders have been making their living [and playing] in the digital creative space. Trends and phases have come and gone. The Paleolithic period of coding in NotePad was especially rough. We lost many souls. Seriously, my best friend jumped into construction management as a result.

Rather than talk about our extinct Flash portfolios, let’s discuss what managed to survive and evolve: Us. Sure, we’ve learned a lengthy list of things that we could go on and on about, but why bore you with that? The common thread that binds our history has been the constant stream of new stuff. New tech keeps coming and we absorb it. I mean, check out the artificial intelligence generated images above. The O&C team have been at the intersection of creativity and tech since …again, the dawn of time.

From the hunting and gathering era of freelance to the industrial age of large agency employment, Ocean & Cake has tackled many projects, clients and industries. In each case we have grown and learned. We combine these cumulative smarts with the deep understanding gained from our direct small business experience. The result is a unique level of insights that only two decades in the field can bring. We look forward to learning about your business and the needs that brought you here.

Historical Figures

Morgan Febrey

Co-founder/Creative Director

Morgan started coding for the USAF right out of college. He spent a decade in game dev which somehow seagued to advertising. Has been a creative director and creative consultant for the past 12 years.

Brandon Wheatley

Co-founder/Director of Technology

Brandon started making simple animations and terrible special effects back in high school. He went to art school and graduated with honors. He’s worked in advertising and television for the past 17 years.

Tesa Pfiefer

Marketing/Sales Director

Tesa started her career in media planning in Minneapolis MN. Enjoying the balance of hitting strong reach goals and getting creative with advertising has led to a 20+ year career. 

Vanessa Louis-Woolley

Brand Strategy

Vanessa’s admiration for meaningful brand storytelling started in childhood, setting her on a serendipitous path to strategy in adulthood. Helping brands express and exemplify their unique story is her jam, and is how she’s fulfilled her days for the past 16 years.


Why the name? Why Ocean & Cake?

We’re glad you asked. Let’s say an alien came down to Earth. They walk up to the first human they see and say something like, “Hey, what’s up? I’m only here for 15 minutes. What are two things I absolutely have to check out before I split?”

There you have it. That’s also a little insight into our brainstorming sessions.