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Our agency specializes in Augmented Reality, Motion/Video, and E-commerce. We achieve better results and higher conversions by integrating these three rather than focusing on only one. AR provides the wow. Video tells the story. And E-com brings the conversion.

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Ocean & Cake

O&C was founded by the creatives behind several large agencies. We deliver consistent, focused results for our clients. While providing the same quality work (well, we’d say even better) as large agencies, we offer small business focus and attention. The three pillars of our approach are: Listen, build, and evolve.


1. Listen

Rather than stampede to the ideas, the first step is us shutting up and listening. We want to fully understand what your goals are and the challenges you foresee.

2. Build

There are two phases in build: Strategy and Execution. Together we will form the strategy that fits your needs. Once it’s dialed in and everyone’s excited, we ride that wave into the development. 

3. Evolve

As good as we are (or anyone else is) no campaign launches in its final form. Data is received, analyzed, and changes are made. We use the latest artificial intelligence analytics to save you time and money.


The fear of complacency keeps us perpetually as students. Here are some bite size insights into the things we learn along the way. More on our Insights page. Any rants will be short, we promise.

Top E-commerce Design Company

Top E-commerce Design Company

Ocean & Cake Recognized as a Top Ecommerce Development Company Thank you! Big thanks go out to the team at for recognizing Ocean & Cake as a Top E-commerce Design Company in 2023. If you'd like an award winning website, get in touch with us. Lot's...

Human Grown Content

Human Grown Content

Human Grown Content The Perfect Tool... Too Perfect Putting our SkyNet fears aside for a minute, artificial intelligence is absolutely staggering in its capabilities. From copy writing to image creation to finding patterns in data that have escaped human eyes. It is...

When the Party’s Over

When the Party’s Over

When The Party's Over Marketing Beyond the New Thing Hype Everyone loves new things and succumbing to new thing hype is an accepted part of life. As a marketing agency, this is our job. Create hype to get people on board then convert them to customers, believers, even...

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