The Need for Video Content in Marketing

why you need video for marketing

“Books are the poor man’s movie”

My brother once said to me “Books are the poor man’s movie” when we were comparing my bookshelf to his BluRay collection. The funny thing is that books cost more to buy… and I can still read my books today whereas he has no technology to play his movies on. [insert last laugh] But his point had some validity.

Video is the dominate form of entertainment consumption. It even accounts for 82% of all IP traffic. From an ad perspective, it boasts a 59% higher click through rate than image-based ads. So with all the SEO friendly text that is out there (we’ll pitch you on that in another post) video is and shall remain content king for the foreseeable future.

Who wears the video crown

There are two major players in the video consumption market and recent studies show that social media and TV re equal. Hour-to-hour. When we speak of social media, we can assume reference to video (posts and ads) not images or text. Platforms like TikTok and even Instagram are primarily if not exclusively video driven.

There are two major differences between these two video behemoths: duration and budget. The average TV show is 42 minutes and cost $1.5M an episode. While the average social media video length is 20 seconds and costs… well, a fraction of $1.5M. With that said, when we compare reach and budget, video content for social media becomes one of the integral pillars in every marketing budget.

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