The Instant Drip Campaign

the instant drip campaign

In an A.D.D. World…

Let’s face it, the average attention span is shrinking at a rate that, anyway, let’s talk marketing. Typical drip campaigns can span days, weeks, or even months. Maybe you have other things to do than watch your cost of acquisition formula spread across a calendar. An instant drip campaign is a great solution that saves time and streamlines conversion data.

What is an Instant Drip Campaign

An instant drip campaign is a 3-step marketing funnel that takes place with a single click. Here’s a scenario to illustrate. Let’s say you have an augmented reality section on your site. You decide to put the AR behind a signup form. Once the user’s email is submitted, they are redirected to the content. For the third step, an automatic follow up email is sent to the user asking about their experience. 

  • Step 1: Signup Form (data capture)
  • Step 2: Redirect to Content (on page e-commerce)
  • Step 3: Follow Up Email (in email e-commerce)

There you have it. A single click on the submit button and a 3-step instant drip campaign is triggered.  This a great for quicker conversions and easier to track acquisition data.

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