Increase Your Company’s Visibility

Increase your company's visibility

That Brand is Everywhere

Until we figure out how to profit by virtue of merely existing, we need sales. Sales is a function of being in front of people. The more people that see your product or service, the more people will buy it. Sure there’s a lot of nuance behind that statement. Let’s take it at face value. Behind every utterance of, “That brand is everywhere!”, there is a marketing team doing an excellent job. In modern business settings this means getting your online presence very visible.

Strategic Partnerships and Link Backs

Paid and organic SEO are extremely important, but there are several other factors involved in page ranking. One of the biggest considerations outside of AdWord campaigns (paid) and alt tags (organic) is getting other sites to link to you. For instance, if I link to a news article on another site and there is no link back to my site, I have just sent a search spider on a one way trip away from my site. Be careful with this technique as search engines do not like it when these reciprocal links are obviously just for SEO. Make the linkage meaningful and placed within content.

Behind every utterance of “That brand is everywhere!” is a marketing team doing an excellent job.

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