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Human generated content

The Perfect Tool… Too Perfect

Putting our SkyNet fears aside for a minute, artificial intelligence is absolutely staggering in its capabilities. From copy writing to image creation to finding patterns in data that have escaped human eyes. It is living up to its techno-god promises. In a matter of seconds it can crank out the days work on an entire [fill in the blank] department.

It doesn’t take a COO to immediately jump to the cost benefit analysis. Why pay for an entire department when you can pay a single prompt engineer to crank out the work… and faster? By the way, I can’t stand the use of engineer in this emerging job title. Only a small percent of people are actually smart enough to be a proper engineer. I am not one, unless dad joke engineering is also a legit job title too. Writing efficient and smart prompts can be learned in a day. So spare us the overreach.

Thump, thump, tha thump. Can you hear that? That’s the thundering march of a reckoning on approach. I just read an NYP article discussing how 80% of jobs will be impacted by artificial intelligence. Much of that is predicted to be flat out loses. The alarms have been ringing for some time already and rightfully so. Outside of running around like Chicken Little, what can we do about it? Good news.  As always, there’s an incredibly simple solution: Don’t use it.

Behold the next wave of made in America, eco-friendly, dolphin-free, feel good badges: Human Generated Content.

Bottom Line v Bottoms Up

My punk rock roots have always guided me towards motivations beyond money. Now that social media is abuzz with cries of “late-stage capitalism”, it seems the masses are catching on. But will businesses also be able adapt to this sentiment and see beyond their bottom line? At what point will the importance of human capital rise above the desire for financial capital?

Despite the obvious, Dirk Diggler like, in your face cost savings that AI offers, the human angle is forming a new generation of existentialism. A  celebration of our humanity and abilities despite their slothish imperfections. Throw your drinks in the air and yell CHEERS to everyone around you. Behold the next wave of made in America, eco-friendly, dolphin-free, feel good badges: Human Generated Content. The only value add that combats the power of AI and it doesn’t even offer monetary gains. It’s purely us being us. Even if it is just a poorly written blog post meant to get search engine hits.

Footnote: Yes, I see the irony in Ocean & Cake using AI to create many of our images. We reconcile this guilt in knowing that they are really just saving the use of stock images. And if I’m to be honest, that’s an industry I wouldn’t mind going the way of the dodo, or tuna with dolphin meat. It’s mostly throw away work for creatives.

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